St. Sabina Campus, Auburn Gresham, Chicago, IL

We started offering individual and family therapy services at Saint Sabina in January of 2022. Saint Sabina church is located in Chicago's historic Auburn Gresham neighborhood and is home to Senior Pastor Michael Pfleger, pastor since 1981. Father Mike's relentless dedication to his ministry and justice for African American communities is evident in his Biography (saintsabina.org). In line with Jesus’ word, Saint Sabina is known in Chicago as a place where you can get help and where all are welcome. Many dedicated people work hard to make Saint Sabina a safe haven. We are honored to be partnering in providing on-site mental health services and education. See below for links to the fruitful organizations on campus, Father Pfleger's demand to address violence in Chicago, and a link to Sunday morning mass (10 AM).

Outpatient Mental Health Services

1120 W. 79th Street

Our team provides on-site individual and family therapy Monday through Thursday from 9 AM-4 PM. We are also available virtually (via telehealth) from 9 AM-8 PM.

Social Emotional Learning Services

This year we are implementing the Hip Hop Heals curriculum, which is a trauma-informed approach to teaching youth emotional maturity. Hip Hop Heals was developed out of the University of Illinois at Chicago and will be provided to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on a weekly basis!

St. Sabina Academy

Saint Sabina Academy is grades K-8th, and we are providing therapy services to their youth three days each week. We have successfully completed 1.5 year of service there and look forward to the 2023/24 school year with the Saints!

Group Therapy Services

We offer grief support groups once monthly via our partnership with Saint Sabina’s Purpose Over Pain (POP). Dr. Stacy runs a therapy group for the women/mothers while Dr. Alane works with siblings. All members have lost children, close loved ones, or siblings to senseless gun violence. These groups meet once monthly on Thursdays from 7-8 PM.

Brave Youth Leadership

We are honored to be participating in meetings with the Brave leaders twice monthly. During this time, we talk about important topics as they relate to taking care of one’s mental health and the mental health of their community. Dr. Alane Anthony currently facilitates these meetings.

Purpose Over Pain  

The ARK of St. Sabina

Martin Luther King Jr. Center 

Live Broadcast


Little Village

Our therapists offer individual and family therapy services in English and Spanish at 3047 W. Cermak, which is located at the corner of Cermak and Whipple. Little Village, or La Villita, is home to one of the largest Mexican American populations in the United States and is a rich epicenter for Latino and Chicago culture. Our goal is for our services to be useful to the local community that faces significant challenges related to the inequitable distribution of resources across Chicagoland, the absence of reasonable immigration law, and more.


Outpatient Mental Health Services

3047 W. Cermak Road

Our team of bilingual therapists offer individual and family therapy out of our beautiful space in La Villita five days per week. We have a total of five therapy offices at this location, and we offer services to adolescents and adults ages 10 and up.  

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