Guada Psychological Services

Our entire sister team, located in Schaumburg, is also available to support the work we do in Chicago as well as to provide services virtually to patients in our Chicago communities.  You can see a full list of our off-site team here: - Staff

Kati Guada, PsyD 

Dr. Kati Guada is a clinical psychologist who founded the TCFMH with the goal of providing accessible and affordable mental health where there is a high need. Dr. Guada is concerned by the disparate conditions across Chicago and Chicagoland and believes people can and need to unite in the effort for equal access to resources. Dr. Guada is insistent that until people work together to better understand the needs of urban Chicago communities, we cannot expect change; the problems in the street have become too big. Dr. Guada was strongly influenced by her mother who was a devout follower of Jesus Christ and stressed the importance of community service and standing up for what is right. As the mother of two young children, Dr. Guada is concerned by the way black and brown families have significantly fewer healthcare options compared to their white counterparts. She, along with her team, believe that they can work towards bringing people relief by offering trauma-informed mental health services in Chicago.  

Dr. Guada earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. During her extensive education, she trained in inpatient, outpatient, community, and forensic centers located in both Indiana and Chicago. With the goal of offering quality care for all, Dr. Guada opened up Guada Psych Services in 2016. While she works in Schaumburg a few days each week, she most enjoys her work in Auburn Gresham and Little Village. She looks forward to continuing to develop the relationships on St. Sabina's campus and in La Villita so that we can have a longstanding presence on the South and West Sides of Chicago. 


Dr. Alane Anthony, PsyD

Dr. Alane joins our team as a postdoctoral candidate. Dr. Alane comes to us from the South where she attended Xavier University of Louisiana. She attended graduate school at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she completed two advanced degrees, the latter being a doctorate in clinical psychology. After becoming a licensed school psychologist, Dr. Alane wished to further her degree in order to work more fully in the clinical setting. As a result of her rich educational background, Dr. Alane has a wealth of experience working with adolescents and patients who present with a wide range of clinical presentations. 

Dr. Alane is currently working as a clinical psychologist on St. Sabina's campus at the Catholic Charities location as well as inside St. Sabina Academy. Dr. Alane works with both adutls and adolescents and is talented at helping people work towards finding greater peace and balance in their lives. Dr. Alane has a strong clinical background across a range of settings and has experience working with adults and children presenting with a range of concerns, including: behavior difficulties, mood-related challenges, anxiety, depression, dementia, bipolar disorders, anxiety, trauma disorders including PTSD, personality disorders, and anger management. Picture coming soon!

Dr. Stacy Stewart, PhD 
Dr.  Stacy Stewart is another welcomed addition to our growing team of skilled clinicians who are motivated to offer services in areas that are underserved. Dr. Stewart hails a strong educational background from DePaul University in Chicago where she earned both her BA and PhD. She currently works on St. Sabina's campus running a support group for women who have lost children to gun violence. Dr. Stewart's intentional and thoughtful approach has lead to positive feedback from the St. Sabina community. 
Dr. Stewart has a great deal of expertise when it comes to implementing therapy programs in Chicago. Regarding why someone may want to seek out therapy, Dr. Stewart says that we often encounter life events that impact our ability to accurately see, meaningfully regulate, and genuinely believe in ourselves. She believes that therapy is a collaborative process that assists us in uncovering our truest selves and providing us with tools to live a life aligned with our core values. Dr. Stewart takes a strengths-focused, trauma-informed approach with clients.
Dr. Stephen Stewart, PsyD

Dr. Stewart is a welcomed addition to our TCFMH team. He is currently working two days in the school providing individual therapy as well as social-emotional-learning classes at St. Sabina Academy. Additionally, Dr. Steve is working one day on St. Sabina's campus seeing people at the Catholic Charities building for therapy. The remainder of Steve's week is spent seeing patients at our Guada Psychological Services company located in Schaumburg, IL. 

Dr. Stephen brings a wide array of clinical experience spanning over 10 years. Dr. Steve works with clients across the lifespan and has experience working with youth and adults in a variety of settings, including in-patient hospitalization, intensive out-patient, community mental health, school-based, and correctional settings. He enjoys using a client-centered approach where the client is the expert of their own lives and Dr. Steve can help guide them to an attainable and goal-oriented solution.



Clarissa Dominguez, MA

Clarissa joined TCFMH following her passion to work in La Villita and has been a main force behind getting our West Side site up and running! She lived in La Villita as a child though her family moved out of the area when violence began to escalate. As she pursued her career goals, she kept a close affinity for La Villita and looked out for opportunities to work as a therapist in the community. Clarissa says, “I am grateful for the opportunity to be back and learn more about the community that gave me some of my first memories.” Clarissa obtained her BA in Psychology from Saint Xavier University and then went on to earn her MA in clinical mental health counseling from Lewis University. She is currently working to obtain her LCPC and is working under the supervision of Dr. Kati Guada.

Clarissa offers therapy in both English and Spanish. She says that being raised by Mexican immigrant parents and being a first-generation Mexican American influences her therapeutic approach in terms of utilizing a cultural lens. Clarissa has experience treating a range of mental health difficulties with adults and youth. She is skilled at meeting her patients where they are and giving them space to be heard and understood. She works with her patients by guiding them towards healthy and sustainable change utilizing her skills and expertise in psychology. She says that her favorite part about therapy is the collaboration between herself and her patients. Clarissa currently sees adults and adolescents both in person and via video.


Sofia Mendoza, Scheduling Manager

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Sofia joined our team in April of 2023 as our Scheduling Manager. Sofia has been an asset to coordinating patient/staff needs and coordination, and we are so lucky to have snagged her! Sofia has a strong work ethic, is kind and understanding, and is motivated to help our patients find the best fit as they seek out the services they need. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish, which provides the support we need in reaching out to our beloved Spanish speaking population. Sofia’s goal is to make the scheduling process as seamless and pleasant as possible. She is happy to be working in a community like Little Village that makes her feel at home.

Interest in Mental Health

Sofia is currently studying to pursue a career within the mental health field, and she will be a huge asset to her future patients. Sofia decided to pursue clinical psychology because she has a passion in helping people grow to be the best version of themselves. She says that she is excited to learn more about mental health treatment and how she can best support the patients at Guada Psych Services. Her ultimate goal is to obtain her master's in psychology and obtain her LCPC license to begin a career as a mental health counselor.

In the future she hopes to especially serve her fellow latino community. Growing up as a first-generation daughter, Sofia sees the importance of mental health services due to generational and cultural trauma within her community.



Mariana Moreno, MA

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Mariana joined our team in July of 2023 and has been a great addition to our wonderful team! She sees adolescent and adult patients and offers services in both English and Spanish. Mariana is a recent graduate who earned her BA in psychology at SIU Carbondale and went on to earn her Master's degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a concentration in Latinx Mental Health. Mariana recently completed her internship at El Circulo The Circle Resource Center located in Brighton Park where she provided women in the community virtual sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mariana has also joined the TCFMH team, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Guada. She says that being able to give back to the community is very important to her stating, “ I’m very excited to work with the community as well as to be a resource that I wish I and my family had when I was younger”. Mariana says growing up on the southwest side of Chicago traveling to La Villita was always a way to stay connected to her culture and is looking forward to working hand in hand with the community. Mariana believes the impact relationships and one’s community have on a person’s well being and self esteem are just as important as collaborative partnership between patient and therapist, therefore she uses an integrative relational psychotherapeutic approach with her clients.

Mariana’s time outside of work is spent with her family and exploring the outdoors with her dogs. She enjoys spending time discovering new places with them and creating memories along the way. Although she is no professional, she enjoys taking pictures capturing those moments.


Cameron Warren, Doctoral Student, Assessment Practicum

Cameron is in our doctoral student training program where he is focusing on neuropsychological assessment. Cameron pursued the field of psychology after finding himself interested in the concepts and theories behind  psychological resilience. Cameron has a special appreciation for individuals learning and growing through difficult times and wants to offer support and expertise alongside them. Cameron is excited to further his knowledge in psychological science and aims to master the psychological assessment process!

Education and Training

A Georgia native, Cameron attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where he obtained his BA in psychology and women, gender, and sexuality studies. While at Emory, Cameron was a research assistant at the Treatment Resistant Depression Clinic. He also participated in research on affective disorders related to cost/benefit decision making. He is currently attending Adler University in Chicago, IL where he is pursuing his doctorate in clinical psychology.  

Additional Areas 

Cameron is passionate about social justice and has experience working in social justice organizations here in Chicago. For this reason, Cameron is a great fit for our sister organization, the Chicago Foundation for Mental Health where is also performing neuropsychological evaluations. Cameron believes in meeting people where they are, and he is passionate about working with individuals that have been historically marginalized.

Education and Training

Robert Hotz is a third-year doctoral student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL. He received his B.A. from New York University where he majored in psychology and minored in child and adolescent mental health studies. He currently offers individual therapy to adults and adolescents under the supervision of Dr. Montesano and Dr. Guada.

Current Work

As a doctoral level practicum student, Rob is interested in working with trauma and psychological distress across the lifespan, and he is particularly interested in working with children and adolescents. Rob believes that patients have the abilities and tools to heal within themselves, and that the path to recovery involves discovering one’s own true capabilities. His orientation is integrated with a focus on psychodynamic theory. Rob currently offers individual and family therapy at our Schaumburg office. He is also working one day weekly as an in-school therapist to children Preschool through 8th grade at St. Sabina Academy located in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

More information about Rob

After growing up in New York and Los Angeles, Rob has come to the Midwest to pursue his graduate studies in clinical psychology. Rob says that he likes to read in his free time as well as practice martial arts, play chess, and care for his two cats. Rob entered the field of clinical psychology as a way to utilize his analytical mind in a manner that would be of help to others. He also is passionate about being able to provide some of the same services that had been of such great benefit to him in his life.


Daisy Beltran, MA

Daisy joined our team in September of 2023 and we are so happy to have her on our team! Daisy earned her Bachelor's in Psychology and Latin American Studies from the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) and earned her Masters in Social Work from Aurora University. She is a passionate clinician specialized in mental health, advocacy, and social justice. Professionally, Daisy has 5 years of experience working with adolescence and 6 years working with the immigrant community. Daisy uses a creative, nourishing, and client-centered approach to facilitate radical self-acceptance, healing, growth, and recovery for persons grappling with the experience of PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral issues, and LGBTQIA+ identities. Daisy's therapeutic practice involves CBT, mindfulness, strength-based therapy, and holistic therapy. 

Daisy offers services in both English and Spanish via Telehealth and in person in our wonderful Little Village office. She currently offers individual, family and couples counseling for both adults and adolescents.


Dr. Makeba Boykins, PhD

Dr. Makeba Boykins joined our team in May 2023 and we couldn’t be more thankful and excited to have her join us! Dr. Boykins comes with 20 years of experience with her passion being service delivery through a racial equity lens. Her educational background is in psychology and counseling, and she holds a PhD in counselor education and supervision. Dr. Boykins has worked extensively offering clinical services, consulting, technical assistance, and course instruction in both virtual and in person environments. She has provided services nationwide, working with government systems, healthcare providers, agencies, and individuals. Dr. Boykins has been published internationally on racial trauma and racial equity and is even a recurring guest on “Changing the Conversation” podcast. Dr. Boykins strives to create an equitable and trauma informed environment in both virtual and in person engagements in our Little Village office. She offers individual, couples counseling and family counseling for both adolescents and adults. 


Virtual Staff Members – The rest of our authorized staff (pictured below) are available virtually; More information about their background can be found by going to Virtual Staff Member