TCFMH The Chicago Foundation for Mental Health mission image.

The Chicago Foundation for Mental Health (TCFMH) is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization founded on the principal of duty we all hold in giving a hand to those in need. We offer mental health resources to individuals inside different communities in Chicago. 

At the Chicago Foundation, 

We believe that all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, social class status, or past deserve an equal shot at happiness AND equal access to basic resources, including but not limited to mental health care! 

We are worried about the lack of appropriate attention given to the interconnected problem of trauma, violence and poverty that so many people face today. We are especially concerned about the impact this has on the infants, children and adolescents! 

We understand that expecting already underfunded governmental agencies and politicians to solve the huge problems of trauma, poverty, and violence in Chicago is unrealistic - a dead end! They cannot do this alone! 

We believe that misunderstandings and biases amongst people from different social classes and races play a major role in keeping people isolated from one another. We believe this isolation maintains a status quo that allows the cycle of poverty, violence, and neglect to continue.

We believe that the best answers to our problems related to trauma, violence and poverty today lay in finding solutions to bring people with disparate backgrounds together, creating bonds of care and love, which is at the heart of the human experience; together we can grow.

We believe that we need to do a better job as individual people, organizations, and as a humanity to connect with one another to solve the problems on the streets that our youth, brothers and sisters face. 

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